Flex Circuits: Quality Across the Board

The Flex Circuits Division of Compunetics provides superior, high reliability flex and rigid-flex circuits to the defense, medical and industrial control markets.  Focused on being the best, we build exclusively flex and rigid-flex PCBs in a purpose-designed facility near Pittsburgh, PA. Our experienced staff of industry experts take pride in providing strong up-front engineering support and our exclusive focus on flex allows for competitive pricing and aggressive standard lead-times.  

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Flex and Rigid Flex Expertise

This is our strength, our core competency, our business.  Let us help you.

Reduced Time to Market

Whether it’s the first time you are using a flex or if you are an experienced rigid-flex designer we can help shorten the design cycle.  Flexible designs offer a lot of benefits but also a lot of hidden challenges, let our experienced staff help you avoid them. We are committed to helping you build a more robust, reliable design, eliminating multiple spins to ultimately get you to production faster.

Reduced Cost

Flex designs come with some significant benefits like reducing weight, size and components to streamlining operations and eliminating labor-intensive wiring tasks.  Flex and rigid-flex enhance your product’s reliability while reducing its cost.  Laminate, construction finishes and design features can greatly affect price and delivery.  Trust our team to recommend cost-effective stackups, efficient assembly arrays and manufacturable features that will produce consistent and reliable yields.

Reduced Frustration

Responsive, Accessible and Knowledgeable.  Simply put, we like what we do and we’re happy to help.  Communication and a team approach to solving the challenges of a complex design are keys to building a successful product.  We build your products in the United States with an experienced, carefully selected team which is just a phone call or an email away.