Market Applications

Circuits’ advanced flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards are enabling a broad range of applications for a variety of markets.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with upfront, innovative and problem solving support to meet the demands for quality, reliability and performance.    

From industrial robots to military jets, from non-destructive test equipment to particle accelerators, from DNA analyzers to unmanned vehicles, flex and rigid-flex boards play a big part in today’s cutting edge devices.  You would probably never guess that the same technology used in a heart monitor for newborns is also mounted on a miner’s helmet and has logged quite a few million miles into outer space.

Defense and Aerospace

Military and defense applications often look to rigid-flex solutions for their versatile shape and formability.  Ruggedized portable electronics, communications systems and equipment used in hostile environments count on the vibration and shock resistance offered by flex circuits.  Wearable devices as well as flight equipment take full advantage of the weight reduction offered by flex and rigid-flex PCBs.

All Circuits products are manufactured in the USA.  Take a look at some of our Mil/Aero PCBs.


From massive diagnostic imaging systems to ultra small probes designed to fit an infant’s anatomy, from hand-held monitoring devices to genetic sequencing equipment, from a single-use probe used for a routine lab test to a life saving device that can re-start a patient’s heart.  Circuits is providing advanced flexible solutions for medical devices that make a difference in people lives. 

Click here to see some of our products used in medical applications.

Industrial Controls and Instrumentation

The in-line quality control tools on the manufacturing floor of a steel mill, the life support equipment down the deepest tunnel of a mine, the electronics monitoring the safe operation of a power generation plant.  Electronic test and measurement, robotics, control systems, and analytical instrumentation are just some of the applications requiring complex, extreme reliability solutions that flex and rigid-flex boards deliver every day.  

Visit our Industrial Control product showcase here.