Whether it’s taking advantage of the dramatic reduction of overall package sizes offered by flexible circuits to enable portable and handheld devices or flex’s resistance to chemically aggressive environments needed for implantable devices, Circuits offers their customers the quality and reliability needed to meet critical application needs.     

Miniaturization, chemical resistance and weight reduction are some of the benefits that flex and rigid-flex boards offer to medical devices, a field just as demanding as the military for reliable interconnects.

Here are some of the applications where our products have been used.

Ultrasound - Transducers

Laser ablation is used to remove polyimide leaving unsupported, “flying” leads which are often used in transducer applications where maintaining pristine quality of an analog signal is key.  Designing and manufacturing these incredibly delicate devices is a challenge especially when miniaturization and complex 3D shaping of the electronics is required.  Only flex boards can deliver all those features in one small package.

Diagnostic Equipment

As more medical diagnostic tools are becoming portable for EMS and patient room use, rigid-flex technologies help designers fit more electronics into much smaller footprints. 

Arthroscopic Devices

Adhesiveless construction enables thinner, more flexible circuits to make possible medical applications with dynamic motion such as arthroscopic scopes and cameras.