Military & Aerospace

Poor reliability in Aerospace and Avionics systems is simply not an option. Flex circuits are ideal for eliminating the most common point of failure in electronic assembliies – the board to board interconnections.   

Compared to standard rigid and round wire configurations, flex designs can save up to 75% in overall weight. Resistance to vibration and shock, as well as the ability to survive harsh environments makes flex designs a good choice for Aerospace applications.

All our products are manufactured in the USA in an ITAR facility,

Ruggedized Electronics

Designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and conditions such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions.  From ruggedized laptops, tablets and PDAs to radios and other communication equipment, flexible circuits offer the design robustness necessary to support our troops.


Aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, and satellites using advanced technology, where size and weight reduction are a must.  Circuits understands the technical challenges and quality expectations of our Aerospace customers and can help with material choices for high speed, high temperature, lightweight and stability.

Maritime Systems

Systems requiring chemical resistance, high power, simplified assembly and thermal stability are best accomplished with flex and rigid-flex solutions.  Offering our Undersea and Maritime clients efficient manufacturing for cost sensitive programs and fast turnaround for time critical schedules.  Circuits supports many products such as high performance sensors, navigation control and electronic warfare systems.