Flex and rigid-flex products open new avenues for engineers and designers to develop innovative and high performance devices.  3D is just the beginning, start thinking about lighter, faster, smaller and incredibly more reliable… without adding cost.

Single and Double Sided Flex

Deceivingly simple, one and two layer flex boards enable multiple complex devices to work in unison.  With the freedom of achieving very intricate shapes, ultra-thin profiles, and the ability of dynamic motion, these boards allow your product to truly work in 3 dimensions, no glasses needed. 

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Multilayer Flex

Delivering power or high current through the same substrate that carries impedance controlled signals or critical analog lines.  A multilayer flex is the perfect device for the job. Simplify your design without compromising on performance.

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Take it one step further.  What if multiple boards could be turned into a single unit? Weight reduction, miniaturization and outstanding reliability are the attributes that make your product better when taking advantage of a rigid-flex design.

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